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Florida and to the beyond (Day 4 – 9)

Theres not a lot to say about the drive from Raleigh to Naples besides it was long. Oh so very long. Not that there wasn’t scenery worth seeing but the problem was that you couldn’t see any of it. From the moment we started the car at 9:30 in the morning in North Carolina until… Continue reading Florida and to the beyond (Day 4 – 9)

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Upper Peninsula (Dec 16 – Jan 2nd)

Only three more hours left and we could kick back and relax from being on the road non-stop for the first couple weeks. Before Bia could wake up we kicked off with the sky still completely black but an urgent final stretch before true rest. Expecting snow as the Upper Peninsula is known to have… Continue reading Upper Peninsula (Dec 16 – Jan 2nd)


…Yellowstone National Park… (Day 11 & 12)

After filling up the tank, grabbing some hot-pads for the sleeping bags and a few snacks we crept outside of the little town of Homestake. An off-road from the main led us along an icy one that wound into the hills for about a mile before coming to an opening. Not plowed or groomed but… Continue reading …Yellowstone National Park… (Day 11 & 12)

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Seattle, Washington (Day 9 & 10)

The Airbnb we stayed was ten minutes driving from the downtown district of Seattle. The perfect size with quite the peculiar out-of-town host. Study books of religions, relics from around the globe and a very simple bedroom setup a little disorganized that gave the illusion of a traveler who used this as home base. Unbeknownst… Continue reading Seattle, Washington (Day 9 & 10)

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Portland, Oregon (Day 8 & 9)

Northern California was hilly and mountainous which continued into Oregon. The only difference was hitting dusk and instead of scenery and dry roads we were gifted sleet and reflected sharp turn signs. Incline then decline, we took is easy with visibility low with our true first testament towards the ability of the new tires we… Continue reading Portland, Oregon (Day 8 & 9)

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San Francisco (Day 7 & 8)

Hours on the road and a true appetite built, we brainstormed what would be the best food in all of San Francisco. Of course China-town, clam chowder bread bowls and Cioppino all spoke to us but word on the street was that they did a stellar pizza-pie. San Diego had a number of pizza shops,… Continue reading San Francisco (Day 7 & 8)

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Yosemite National Park (Day 7)

University Square Hotel was what seemed to be a slightly modified old dormitory repurposed but with few updates. There was a weathered printed paper sign posted next to the check-in, “This is not a 5 star hotel, if you are not happy with your accommodations get full refund within 45 minutes of check-in.” The front… Continue reading Yosemite National Park (Day 7)