Author: weporaitravel

We are Bia and Alex, A couple in San Diego, CA who a little after a year of being together and some travel time through the USA and Mexico have decided to take on new challenges with our shared interest for all things, especially adventure. Alex (I) am from the United States and grew up in the midwest in Northern Michigan as well as Chicago. Knowing a little bit of a lot has always been important, let’s say a jack of all trades which has benefited me so far. I went to a University for Management with a passion for hospitality and culinary arts. I've cooked at, bartended and managed restaurants for 16 years. With an assortment of other side jobs along the way (construction, landscaping, sales and other odd jobs) I decided to take my first step towards travels with a move to San Diego. I love to cook, bike, surf, music (and dj as well) sunsets and bringing people together to share beautiful moments. Bia (I) am from São Paulo - Brazil, I have worked for 7 years with Human Resources, also I worked with events, as entertainer, planner and hostess. I have a BA in Education, a MBA in Strategic Management of People and a Postgraduate degree in Organizational Psychology. I was pretty comfortable in a routine but that was not enough to make me feel more fulfilled in life, after my first trip to the United States my passion for traveling and learning new cultures has been something that has become a part of me. So I gave up of my career and came to the United States as an Au Pair, ( an exchange program that you live with a family and take care of their kids) the reason? To be happy, get out of my comfort zone, make new friends, learn a new language, live a new culture and above of all, a strong desire to live intensely. I love to cook (specialty Brazilian food as coxinha, feijoada, rice and beans), sing and dance, if there is a song going on I’ll be dancing and singing for sure. We are a happy, friendly couple who love to meet new people, learn different things and explore around. We are excited to start this journey and share as many new moments with as many wonderful people as we go! Alex & Bia