Author: weporaitravel

We met on a dating app (who would've thought) while living in San Diego. Within no time everything clicked as we both longed for travel and really loved the idea of new adventures as we were each beginning a new one ourselves. Meeting for a happy hour at Tavern in Pacific Beach we scribbled a rough draft of what would come to be our travel guide on a napkin. I'll say an idea full of hope but little did we know we'd still get along just fine two years later thousands of miles away. Beginning in San Diego we toured 27 states visiting friends, family and as many national parks before selling our beloved Honda Accord "Sandy" in Florida and kicking off in Mexico City. Little by little we backpacked from Mexico, Belize and into Guatemala. At some point we made friends with a couple selling a classic 1974 Ford Econoline "Patrice" which became our new counterpart and home through the rest of Central America until Panama. A new couple took her over for onward adventure while we returned to our backpacking life in Colombia (it wouldn't have passed customs as we were heading towards Brazil with its age). After Colombia and Peru and a year of following through with our set budget for t we arrived in Bia's home city of São Paulo. The next few months will be loaded with excitement from here, up and down the coast with along with Chile and possibly Argentina. This is only the beginning. Thank you everyone for coming along with us and a big thank you to so many other blogs that we lived through guiding us along the way. Lots and lots of love and all good things!