Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido: Budget Travel

You’re budget traveling or want to save a few pesos. That’s why you’re reading this, right? Well we have few tips from trial and error as well as a great plan of attack if traveling from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido.

To begin the ADO bus line, ADO is found all over the south east parts of Mexico as it’s an acronym or Autobuses de Oriente as for the area it serves. We did a little research with Backpackers: Mexico and a few other sites with great reviews on the bus line. For the most part the busses are on time, very clean, spacious for your legs as long as you don’t reserve the very front seats and air conditioned. Also the price is right, just slightly more than taking some of the competitors but not by much. Available are restrooms on board as well as a few stops to use the ADO restrooms and stock up on snacks if needed be. Each ADO station has complimentary WIFI as well in necessary.

If able, buy your tickets online ahead of the time, even by a day and you’ll save yourself some pesos. We bought our tickets or boletos at the ticket counter and paid about double of what we would have paid had we ordered the night before. Our two hour jaunt from Mexico City to Puebla cost us about $26 USD. Also if available you can use a smartphone to present your tickets to the conductor. Us carrying our hiking backpacks pay nothing extra for the bags to be stored.

Buying our tickets ahead of time to take the trip from Oaxaca city to Puerto Escondido cost us $15 USD a piece which ended up being a 10-hour trip. Now in this case and if heading towards this popular destination there is another budget option quite more affordable than flying. If flying though it’s about a 40 minute flight but that doesn’t include pre-check, delays and just making way to the airport for a nominal fee.

The trip can be cut down from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido by about 4 hours if you take a shuttle van. Now not as comfortable as the busses but there are actually two options that run daily from Oaxaca:

Servicio Express: Arista 116, colonia centro, Oaxaca City
200 Pesos Phone: +52951-516-40-59

Villa Del Pacifico: 322A Calle Hermenegildo Galeana
Oaxaca City 68000
230 Pesos. Phone: +529512066965

Both I believe do have bathrooms and will make a few stops but the vans are a bit smaller and hold about 15 people whereas the busses are a bit larger. The shuttle vans take a more direct route whereas the ADO bus first heads to Salina Cruz which is about 4 hours east of Puerto Escondido on the coast. The bus then stops another two times briefly in two other coastal cities before reaching it’s destination.

Another thing to consider before choosing either or is your susceptibility to motion sickness. Options for this now as I’m not certain if the shuttle vans have overnight routes but with ADO you can take a late transport and do your very best to sleep most of the ride off. Now the views are incredible during the day but depending on your driver you may be jerked left and right if your seatbelt isn’t secured. At night if you can manage to sleep one way or another you’ll be set to go without much thought. Maybe some motion sickness medicine could help too.

Now just to touch base on flying if time is what you’re budgeting and spending a couple extra dollars isn’t a big issue or you have your flight points ready and waiting. As of recent of this blog one-way flights between the towns run at cheapest $100+ USD within the month with month in advance flights available just under $100 USD. This option beyond liftoff should be a bit more stable and quicker. Aeromar in this case would be your best flight option.

A consolation yet handy form of carpooling between the cities as there is no Uber is BlaBlaCar. This is a carpooling site that will allow you to connect with other drivers heading towards your destination. We’ve met friends along the way that have had great experience with the service yet we were unable to find any service for our trip prior and checking a handful of other dates recently I was still unable to find anything. It never hurts to check again as it could be beneficial.

Hopefully there was a little helpful information towards your upcoming travel on your way from south-central Mexico towards the beaches. The weather is divine, especially during their dry season early December to mid-April, the seafood is fantastic and the over-all mood is oh so relaxed. You’ll find people from all over the world, yet if you’re looking to hide from the touristic spots there are beaches within short travel distance east and west of Puerto Escondido. Good luck and happy travels!