Denver, Colorado

Upon arriving at Taylor’s second level flat, he had been anticipating our arrival and had steak and veggies hot and ready while we caught up. The day had been long and bed was all we could think of.

The next morning after showering, slash resetting ourselves and before our friend had work he brought us to an outstanding breakfast spot, Syrup that was of great value. Food quality, price and portion size were exceptional while we all enjoyed the most plain Jane breakfast known to the U.S. Eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast with a side of pigs in a blanket and a waffle as well to share. We even had leftovers that we saved for later in our fridge of a car.IMG_5481.JPG

We had in mind after to traverse north of Denver a couple hours to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park if there was time but first we stopped by a cousin of mine (Alex), Brent who lived in the north area of Denver. It wasn’t too often I had seen this cousin as he was born and raised in Alaska and even though my birth state, I spent the majority of my life in the midwest. We decided to grab a coffee and catch up. Well he offered to drive which was a relief from the road for us. Not thinking much of it we went to hop in his car when he rolls out in a classic, 1964 1/2 289 cu 4.7 L Ford Mustang convertible. img_8000Color of a creamy off white, cherry red seats and the cool spoke hubcaps flashed as the low rumble made way out of its stable. We shared good conversation over hot chocolate and coffee before cruising around again, this time my cousin hands over driver seat and lets me sit behind the controls to this classic beauty. With all drum brakes, early power-steering and  the beach boys on the radio I felt as if I had taken a step back in time. We cruised for a bit stopped back by his house for a little bit moreconvo (Genetics kick in when it comes to talking). Before leaving he whips out a brand new pair of these awesome trail runners and has me try them on. Another unexpected moment of the stop but such generosity was appreciated oh so much.

After goodbye’s and a little later in the afternoon we instead took off to one of the Denver parks for sunset. We took back to Taylor’s house after and regrouped before going out our night before traversing the flat distance from Denver to Chicago. Besides Taylor, I (Alex) had another cousin Rick and our close buddy from San Diego’s brother in-law (now friend) Clay who came and joined us before our departure. With a few drinks, a pizza as big as our table and more stories with good wishes from both sides we closed out the night with a bang. Still making it to bed at a decent time was a necessity as the next day drive was looking to be just shy of fifteen hours…