Horseshoe Bend

IMG_4428After leaving Zion National Park in Southern Utah we shot straight through toward Page, Arizona in hopes of catching sunset at Horseshoe Bend just outside of Page.

I will say driving through the desert can become a daunting task as some of the highways stretch for hours on straight-aways. I’m not the biggest fan of using cruise-control either and found ourselves getting pulled over miles from the Arizona border for speeding just a little over but of course a reminder to keep a total awareness. A bummer of course but back on the road we made way towards Page, a small town of just over 7,000 in Coconino County, AZ also known for their Antelope Canyon tours. As much as we want to see everything, the tours were the only way to visit the canyons, and only run so many times a day from $45 for sightseeing to over $100 per person. As beautiful as they probably would’ve been we still have a year and a half of living off of a budget and passed for Horseshoe Bend which was free.

Horseshoe bend is a horseshoe shaped “meander” of the Colorado river and the lookout point sits about 700 feet above the river itself. We arrived just as the sun was about to hit the horizon lucking out big time for the evening. The parking lot was packed but we squeezed in and marched the 10 minutes up and down a small path leading to the canyon cliffs. IMG_4431

The cliffs have no guard rails so you can really get up to the edge, with caution of course. We took a few photos, admired the sunset until dusk kicked in and the temperature dropping severely. Our next stop was the Grand Canyon which really wasn’t too far from the South Rim Entrance but we decided to call it for the night. We couldn’t find a free camp ground around Page but did find a Walmart and pulled into the parking lot to car-camp.

Having a lazy night we bought a fried chicken meal, pulled our sleeping bags over us in our seats and enjoyed chicken and UNO until watching Netflix on one of our phones to bring the night to an end.IMG_4438