Joshua Tree National Park

December 1, 2018.IMG_5175.JPG

After a great year in Sunny San Diego, we left our city jobless, homeless and with a 2000 Honda Accord (256000 miles ) and our hearts full of great memories.

Joshua Tree National Park was our first stop of the trip, only 2.5 hours from San Diego.  We had bought an “America the Beautiful Pass” (80$ at REI) prior for entry to all of the national parks and we were looking at taking advantage along our state journey across the U.S.

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Campsite: Black Rock close to the North entrance

US$ 20 per night, for 6 people, 2 cars, 2 tents IMG_1116

We planned on staying for one night since both of us had visited before but had the wonderful opportunity of having friendship between LA and SD join us for a sendoff/camping party to really kick it off.

We all arrived  3pm (a central location in the desert between LA and SD) with some setting up camp and others collecting supplies. A few of us hiked a quick 5 miles to catch sunset while we could. Timing worked perfectly through the winding and gradual climb to the top of the mountains leading us to an extremely blustery mountain top and a blood red sun peaking through the clouds before disappearing for the evening.

The hike back down wasn’t anything, but in the desert without the sun, the chilliness and wind additionally felt all throughout our  bones. We made it back to camp with brats, roasting veggies and a warm fire place after our windy chilling adventure. Our grill master Pete had the fire stoked and blazed all throughout the early morning. Within 5 feet of the flames we kept toasty and smokey but anywhere beyond that was frigid and in the 30’s (as a reminder we are still in a Southern California mindset and this is a little cold). We still enjoyed great friendship, stories and of course s’mores before calling it for the evening. The stars shone so bright with the sky so black bringing a magical essence to the air as if  we were being blessed by the Universe

The next morning, we made eggs and potatoes while Evan and Hannah ran into town to grab coffee and donuts. After we took some pictures before our farewells and the beginning of our trip as two people about to take on the Americas.IMG_1956 2.JPG