Backpacking – Mexico – Itinerary

¡Arriba muchachos!

Hello everyone!

Fala galera !

As everyone already know we really love Mexico (Tijuana, Mazatlán) , so nowhere better than there to start our backpacking adventure.

There is so much more to explore in Mexico than tacos, guaca and tequila. I know, that is all good things too but we believe that it’s about the colors, the people and the amazing energy that always brings us back to there. Our plan it’s to have at least 2 months immersion between the big cities and the beautiful beaches getting in touch with all the culture, nature and with the personas/people.

We are leaving Miami January 9th towards to Mexico City and after heading down until we get to Belize !

Check it out the itinerary bellow

What do you think ?

Are we missing some amazing place there ?

Do you have any tips, favorite spots, or even better are you gonna be somewhere there too ?

Let us know please !

By the way, have you check our latest post talking about the Itinerary to the Road trip across 🇺🇸 ? Not yet?

Give it a look and let us know what do you think about it !

¡Hasta luego! 

See you soon!

Até mais!

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